All my offers are embodiment-centered and tailored to support YOU to dive deeper into the felt sense of your body, to make sense of it and to express/share it with others.

But what exactly is an “embodiment-centered” approach, what is special about it and why would you choose to give this path a try?


Your experience, perception & interpretation determines essentially how and which experiences you actually experience, which ones just rush past you without even noticinig – and whether you interpret experiences as valuable, meaningful, sparkling, magical, ec. – or not.


The thing is…the capacity and potential of deep and multidimensional experiencing and expression CAN and HAS TO BE PRACTICED, TRAINED, FED, SHAPED – just as any capacity. Your “experiencing & expression muscle” or potential is similar to any other muscle or ability you have. It´s like sports, handcraft, art, ec. – most beings have a potential, or even talent – but to develop it, you need to spend time and awareness with it 🙂 short: what you need it for?

Actually everything. To experience oneself as embodied, expressive, confident and appreciative holds many advantages:

  • Body intelligence: being able to perceive and assign one’s own body signals facilitates intuitive access to emotions and feelings. Setting priorities, recognizing values and, if necessary, making decisions thus becomes easier and more integrative.
  • World and self-image: Authentic expression and experience can be difficult due to social and cultural conditioning, e.g. norms and role models. Experiencing and comprehending one’s own feelings physically and consciously helps to create new, appropriate categories for oneself outside of pigeonhole thinking.

Take selflove as an example. Or sensuality. Enjoyment of good food. You can´t expect to be loving and caring for yourself if you can´t feel and accept your emotions and feelings; to be super fluffy floaty sensual moving if your body is stiff and hurts; or to enjoy taste if you don´t take the time to find out what nourishes you.

Offer - Frau sitzt relaxt auf Couch

Embodiment is not a bare theory, it is practice-approved

Offer - Frau sitzt auf Couch und meditiert

“Embodiment” or “embodiment” is a concept that is used in psychotherapy, coaching, philosophy, cognitive science, as well as the performing arts such as acting or dance.  

The premise or starting point is that the body is much more than just “hardware” or the “container” of the brain – because without the whole-body ability to perceive colors, movements, sensations, sounds or smells, consciousness, thinking and sensation cannot be developed.

What i offer:

In general, I work with private and corporate clients in various formats: workshops, 1-1, 1-2, Online content, talks, articles. Please check on the content pages (below) which format is available in the respective case: